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Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

The Global Warming Control with the Forest of Bamboo

Global Warming is the biggest threat for continuation of the life in the earth. Several facts show would by chance this among them ice in the North and South Poles melted, the rise in the surface of sea water, the change in the climate, the occurrence of the hot wave, and completely him the source of clean water the world. All that resulting from from global warming. The biggest cause of the occurrence of global warming that is Carbon gas in the Oxide (CO2), methane (CH4), Oxide Nitrogen (NO), and Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). The forest that it was hoped becomes the place of the accumulation of gas CO2 was broken. Moreover destruction of this forest increases the number CO2 in air. Trees that died will produce gas CO2 and take off him to the atmosphere. Therefore, that must be carried out am to eliminate Carbon in the Oxide in air that could accumulate in the layer of the atmosphere. To eliminate Carbon gas in the Oxide in air is carried out by the reforestation that is increase plant the tree so as gases CO2 from various sources can be absorbed and do not arrive at the atmosphere. Gases CO2 this is absorbed In the process of photosynthesis that is done by this green crop. Regarding reforestation efforts then the green crop that better be planted am the bamboo crop, not the tree crop or the fruit. This reason be based on in the prediction of a NASA climate expert named Dr. H. J. ZWALLY that says that almost all ice will in the North Pole vanish at the end the hot season 2012 resulting from global warming. The bamboo crop can grow quickly that only need time around three years, compared with the tree crop and the fruit that need time that for quite a long time to achieve the mature age. Moreover, in the matter of the absorption of Carbon in the Oxide, bamboo more often absorbs Carbon in the Oxide than the tree crop or the fruit. The study show that one hectare the bamboo crop can absorb more than 12 ton carbon in the oxide in air. This is a sufficient number. By conserving the bamboo forest, mean us had the machine instrument to absorb carbon in the oxide in the capacity that big.
Conservation of the bamboo forest constitute, the step that is very effective and efficient towards the control of the problem of global warming and robbing wild. Conservation of the bamboo forest is necessarily carried out all over the world. With the bamboo forest, the function of the forest as the life prop of living creatures before the earth can be returned quickly. In his conservation is not needed by time that for quite a long time because of bamboo can achieve the mature age in the age 3-6 years. Moreover, planting of bamboo does not need the cost that is big enough like the tree because of the bamboo crop to be the people's crop that is easy and cheap is obtained compared with the tree.
Destruction of the forest resulting from illegal logging result in some animals being almost extinct. This because of the forest is the place of their life. To return the place of the life of this animal, conservation of the bamboo forest is the very exact alternative. The bamboo forest grows of herbaceous plants also so as to make the forest luxuriant again.
The Function of the forest that is second that is as the place of ground water supplies and clean air. Resulting from destruction of the forest, we become the lack of clean water in the land moreover during the dry season, whereas when the rain season happens the landslide and the flood because of this water no longer are absorbed into the land. The function of this forest will be achieved by conserving the bamboo forest. Bamboo in general absorbs the rain water as far as 90%. This is the number that is very big compared with trees that only absorb the rain water 35-40 % water rain.

Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

Maintenance And Repairing of Posting : Jalan Santai Dalung Permai

By Administrator (Adi)
Mohon maaf sebelumnya karena photo pada posting yang berjudul : “Jalan Santai Dalung Permai” : pada bagian akhir halaman ada photo yang bertuliskan : "Dik Rafi Lagi Sama Mamanya", kebetulan Wajah Cantik mamanya Rafi cuma terlihat sedikit, itu karena saat dilakukan photogaphy tanggal 01 January 2009 hanya mengambil posisi Dik Rafi saja (putra beliau), namun kali ini saya tampilkan Photo S
ekeluarga Pak Arif bersma Istri tercinta juga buah hati tercinta : Dik Rafi. Photo ini sengaja diambil dari Website Fashion Nayla Busana milik Pak Arif dan Bu Arif, semoga dengan ditambahkannya photo yang lebih baik pada posting ini, Bu Arif sekeluarga bisa memaklumi tentang photo yang beliau komentari pada posting dengan judul “Jalan Santai Dalung Permai” meskipun demikian saya besyukur yang sebesar-besarnya terhadap ALLAH Subahana Wata'ala, ternyata teguran yang diberikan oleh Bu Arif akan membuat posting kami menjadi lebih baik tentunya, dan dikemudian hari kita harus bisa menampilkan sesuatu yang lebih baik tentunya. Dan permohonan maaf yang sebesar-besarnya terhadap rekan-rekan atau siapa saja yang telah kami perlakukan secara tidak baik, baik yang kami sadari maupun yang benar-benar kami tidak menyadarinya. Info Fashion Bu Arif :

By Administrator (Adi)
Forgive me beforehand because of the photograph in posting that be entitled: “Jalan Santai Dalung Permai”: in the part of the page end have the photograph that be inscribed:"Child Rafi Still Be The Same Mama", by chance the Pretty Face of his Mama of Rafi is only seen by a little, that because when being carried out photogaphy on January 01 2009 only take the position of Child Rafi, but this time I put forward the photograph As A Family Sir Arif together the beloved Wife also the beloved sweetheart: Child Rafi. This photograph deliberate is taken from Website Fashion Nayla the Fashion belonging to Mr Arif and Ms Arif, it is hoped with he added the photograph that is better in posting this, Ms Arif as a family can understand about the photograph that he comment on in posting with the title “Jalan Santai Dalung Permai” nevertheless I thank God that as much as possible against Allah Subahana Wata"allah the style of, evidently the warning that is given by Ms Arif will make posting we become better definitely, and in afterwards our day must be able to put forward something that It would be better if definitely. And the request sorry that as much as possible against colleagues or anyone that was treated by us not so well, good that is realised by us and that really we do not realise him. Information of Fashion Ms Arif:

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